4pcs. Garden Tool Set (CGS-204)

4pcs. Garden Tool Set (CGS-204)

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Original Creston 4pcs./set Gardening Tools


  • Fiberglass reinforced polyamide tools for lightweight and durability.
  • Rounded edges to avoid damage to soil and roots.
  • Ergonomically designed nursery tools for planting, cultivating, weeding and seeding.
  • Hanging hole for easy storage.

A Garden tool is any one of many tools made for gardening and overlaps with the range of tools made for agriculture and horticulture.

It can also help you clear dirt and debris from plants without doing damage to the bases of the plants.
You can also use them to help you plant seeds
You probably won't use your shovel every single day, but you will be glad you have it on hand when you have delicate earth work to get done.